Friday, January 30, 2015

Bite by Bite

Ahhhh, how are we doing with those resolutions. We are at the end of the month. Are we hanging in there, still driven or have we thrown in the towel already. I usually don't make resolutions (because I never keep them) but make general goals for things I want to accomplish during the year. For instance, my goal for this year was to run a half marathon. Step 1 was to truly wrap my brain around the idea. Step 2 was to actually sign up for one (April). Steps 3-10 are to actually train for the race. It has been a lot of work and a lot of discipline but fortunately, training programs ease you into it. I'm on week two of a twelve week plan. I am slowly working my way up from 3 miles. There are even rest days scheduled in which are important as well. I get very nervous when I think about the big day but when I look at all of the small parts that go into preparing for it, it doesn't seem as daunting.

Take a look at your goals.  Do you have a plan for completing your own marathon whatever that might be? Have you broken it down into small tasks? Have you given yourself any rest days to recover? Are you taking it bite by bite or are you trying to bite off more than you can chew? Create a goal that you want to accomplish a few months from now. Make a plan. What is something I can do today to reach my goal? What are 2-3 things I can do this week towards reaching my goal. Make your goals specific and measurable. For instance, On Wednesday morning at 7 a.m. I will walk 2 miles on the treadmill. The specific day and time helps you get your brain into taking it seriously. It may also encourage you to put it in your planner where it can become a set appointment that you won't want to miss. Instead of just take a walk which could mean 5 minutes or 50 minutes, I set a specific distance that will be easy for me to track and accomplish. Write down your goals for the day or week and map it into your schedule. It then becomes a non negotiable. It's always tricky in the beginning, but once you get the ball rolling you are on your way. Honor setbacks, honor life (things happen) and listen to your body. When you are ready grab that fork and begin again. How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!!! Be Well.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pack a Punch

I was talking to a colleague recently who admitted that due to budget constraints her family was trying to slash their grocery bill. As a result they were not buying much meat and she was really beginning to feel lethargic due to a lack of protein. Tough times are all around us. Even for my family, sometimes the grocery bill has to be reduced in order to keep money flowing throughout the month. The majority of my money goes towards my food budget. That is just a choice I make. I don't shop or have a fancy car but I like to eat well. It's important to me to provide my family with organic as well as fresh and local food as much as possible. However, it does get pricey. Have ya bought organic chicken breasts lately??? So I try to be creative and get quick, healthy dinners on the table that pack a nutritional punch, but not a punch to my wallet. Beans to the rescue!! I love beans. They are so full of protein and iron and they are really filling. It doesn't always have to be beans and rice either. There are a lot of different ways to prepare and enjoy these mighty little bites. But first lets get some details. How much protein do I need really? Well, women need about 46 grams of protein per day and men need about 56 grams. These are numbers for the average Joe and Josephina who don't have any special needs or health concerns to consider. If I'm trying to get in my protein for the day here are some possible ways to get started.

  • 8 oz container of Greek yogurt - 15 grams of protein
  • 1 cup of dry beans - 16 grams of protein
  • 1/2 cup cottage cheese - 13 grams of protein
  • 1 cup cooked quinoa - 8 grams of protein
  • 1 egg - 6 grams of protein
  •  1 cup soy milk - 8 grams of protein
The meat free possibilities are endless. Lack of money should never be a cause for poor nutrition except unfortunately that tends to be the case more often than not. I do feel that more than lack of funds it can be lack of knowledge. Check out this article from The Vegetarian Resource Group. They share some simple menus showing how easy it is to incorporate power packed protein punches throughout your day!!! Try saying that three times fast! Be Well!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Being Open to..... Everything!

"Become a possiblitarian. No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities- always see them for they are always there." 

Norman Vincent Peale

Open hands, open mind, open heart has been my mantra this year. Really becoming open to whatever comes my way. I think we get stuck sometime in wanting things to go the way we want them to. I must have this job! I must have this partner! I must have this house! On and on we go spinning around in the same vicious circle. I'm learning how to just be with whatever is happening. Pema Chodron often says "this moment is the perfect moment."  How true, even though we don't always see it that way. The victories are time to celebrate. The setbacks are opportunities to learn and grow. Part of having good overall health and well-being is taking care of our emotional health. Our thoughts set our emotions. If you are thinking about how horrible something is then you will begin to take those thoughts into your body. Maybe your stomach will ache, maybe your heart will pound. Soon those physical sensations may become unbearable. I could easily give the advice to just "think happy thoughts," but does that really work? We can't all live a Pollyanna life so how do we handle things in a realistic manner? Try reframing your thoughts. Instead of focusing on what is wrong, focus on what you can learn from the experience. How this yucky thing can make you a stronger smarter more compassionate being. You may not be able to change the situation but you can change your response and attitude towards it. Friends, I hereby challenge you to think differently. Try a new approach when those negative and not at all helpful thoughts sneak into your brain. Reframe, regroup and move forward into possibilities! Become a  possibilitarian!!!! Until next time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Joys and Woes of Sugar

True Confession. Last night I had a delicious peach cobbler from Whole Foods. Although yes it was from Whole Foods was it healthy? Not the best possible choice I could have made. Was it delicious and sweet and super awesome? ABSOLUTELY!!!
I love dessert. I don't eat it all the time but it is nice sometimes. I've recently started reading a book called The Year of No Sugar. I haven't finished it yet but it has been very eye opening. It's not
 necessarily about those times we choose to eat dessert, but how much sugar is in the foods we eat all the time without even realizing it. Those hidden sugars.  According to The American Heart Association, men should consume only 9 teaspoons of sugar per day while women should consume only 6 teaspoons. That is not a lot at all. How much are we truly consuming on a daily basis, even those of us who generally make pretty good choices. Even Special K which many people eat as a pretty healthy breakfast has 3 teaspoons of sugar per serving. Check out this great article in Medical News Today for more detailed information. In the mean time think about and be mindful about those invisible choices we are making everyday. Be Well Friends!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Wisdom of Oz

I recently watched The Wizard of Oz with my kids for the first time. Of course they freaked out in the beginning and thought something was wrong with the tv having never seen a black and white movie before.They loved the movie and I loved watching it through their eyes. It still ranks as one of my all time favorite movies. Besides the super fab red ruby slippers (which are not a part of the book but oh well), my favorite part is when Glinda the Good Witch reminds Dorothy that she never had to look elsewhere for what she wanted. She had it within herself all along. As a health and wellness coach it is my job to remind my clients that they too have everything they need and all of the answers already within themselves. Sometimes especially after we have been struggling for a long time on whatever wellness battle we are dealing with, it is hard to remember that we are in charge and we have the power to change. It doesn't mean that it will be easy but we are in control of our choices, behaviors and reactions. As a coach, I am not the expert, YOU ARE!! You know what is best for yourself. I love being able to be a guide and partner as you travel on the journey to optimum health. As you go about your day today, whatever challenges fall into your path just remember the wise words of Glinda the Good Witch. " You've had the power all along my dear." Live your best life, take ownership of your destiny and travel on down that yellow brick road. Be Well Friends!!!

Friday, June 20, 2014

A Change Will Do You Good

Big news, big change! I am officially a Health and Wellness Coach certified through Wellcoaches School of Coaching After much studying and preparation I've reached my goal. Now what??? Now what do I do with myself. My big goal is to get established with a health and wellness organization in my area. In the mean time I'm still debating on whether or not to start my own business as a wellness coach. It feels very daunting and overwhelming but I have to remind myself to take it step by step. It doesn't matter what you do in life anytime you are looking at starting something new your imagination takes off leading you into every possible what if scenario. In your mind you have created major catastrophes before you have even started working on anything. I pose the question How do you stay on track and step out on faith when the ground feels shaky? For myself, I try to stay steady by keeping up with my meditation practice. I also try to stay positive by doing good things for myself. What are your tips and tricks? Until next time, Be Well!! 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Seven Areas of Wellbeing

Bad Blogger!! My apologies friends. I have been neglectful of my blog. Why? Well, I will have to lay the blame on the big E-G-O. Not being sure if people are actually reading my blog makes it hard to sit and pour out my creativity (Are you hearing that tiny violin?. But, I needed to remind myself that just like with meditation, you just show up! No expectations, no agenda, no goal. I like to blog because I like to write and I like to share what I know( or at least what I'm processing in the moment). So here I am, showing up. I hope you join me. But if not, I'm okay on my cushion, er at my computer content with my thoughts!

I am studying for my Wellness Coach certification and really reflecting a lot on this theme of wellness. Wellcoaches School of Coaching identifies the seven areas of well-being as ...
  1. Life Satisfaction
  2. Energy
  3. Mental and Emotional Fitness
  4. Exercise
  5. Nutrition
  6. Weight
  7. Health
I looked on the web and there are alternatives, I found the seven demensions of wellness but since I have my training with Wellcoaches, I can more easily identify with their 7. I thought it would be interesting for the next few weeks to really dig deep into what each of those areas mean. Of course for each person they will look different but I thought a general investigation would be interesting. So stayed tuned!!!

Be Well Friends